Money Makes You Happy

An internation bestseller: with Money Makes You Happy you will look at money with different eyes, and start building your own passive income plan.

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Change your life and your financial situation forever: claim your Financial Freedom.

If you believe that only who is born rich can enjoy a happy life and quality time, you are wrong: everybody can restructure his or her financial situation, as Alfio demonstrates with his own story and statistical data.

What really makes the difference is your psychology of money: it accounts for 95% of what it takes. Unfortunately, most people don’t receive it with their education or native culture, and they have to learn it.

Acquiring the correct psychology is therefore the first effort of one’s commitment towards one’s own financial freedom. First of all you should stop thinking that you need a profession to make a living and exchange your time for money: you can have money work for you. The previous statement applies to everyone, regardless of their income. The investment techiniques that you will find in this book are suitable for anybody.

Luck is not a factor in building one’s financial freedom: it is matter of psychology and determination. In facts lottery winners often revert quickly to thier initial income exactly because if their wrong financial education. 90% of millionnaires, on the contrary, has built their wealth starting from zero, creating successful business from scratch.

What you’ll learn reading “Money Makes You Happy”
  • What your depotentiating beliefs about money are, and how you can modify them to your advantage
  • How to invest in real estate to build your wealth, even without an initial capital
  • How to trade on the stock market and how to trade financial instruments, making profits even when the market seems unfavorable.
  • Why the lack of an initial investment capital shouldn’t stop you, if you have intelligence and time on your side
  • How to create succesful business that create value for you in an automated way, 24h

…and much more about how to create, manage and protect your financial assets.

If you are not living yet the life you always dreamt of, chances are nobody taught you how to build it. This is the purpose of this book: to show you the way for achieving your goals by creating a respectable wealth.

Rich with practical tips and easy to read, “Money Makes You Happy” is the starting point of your path to Financial Freedom, for a better and reacher future for you and your family.

Money Makes You Happy


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An internation bestseller: with Money Makes You Happy you will look at money with different eyes, and start building your own passive income plan.

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12,90 Buy now
  • “Imparare a non essere un criceto” “Il titolo è un concetto che viene fuori nella lettura del libro. Ne ho regalate diverse copie ad amici e colleghi. A parte la ppssibilità di mettere in pratica alcune tecniche/modelli per fare business, la lettura è importante perchè fa riflettere. Tanta gente non si fa bastare i soldi a prescindere di quanti ne guadagnano...”
  • “Semplice, veloce e magico” “Un libro davvero da consigliare. Lo scrittore in questo libro ha spiegato in modo semplice e chiaro le regole della libertà finanziaria e molto altro. Sicuramente un ottimo libro per chi sta cercando una soluzione finanziaria e vorrebbe valutare nuove opportunità.”

We do not advocate programs to become rich quickly. We believe only in commitment, value creation and in the importance of helping others. Therefore we do not guarantee wealth to anybody (we cannot and we do not want to): what we can do instead is helping you to create the conditions for the improvement of your life and your dears’. If we will succeed, wealth will be but one of fruitful outcomes. None of the content published by us is guarantee of positive investment results or future earnings and we do not offer legal, fiscal or investment advice. You can find more information about it in our legal notices.

This is why we do not promise you any result, we promise instead our full commitment towards that result. This is the why we’ve picked our brand distinctive orange: it is the colour of ethical finance, optimism and trust, the values which thousands of our clients have chosen, and keep choosing every day in us. This is also why we’ll always offer you a money back guarantee on our trainings: because we want satisfied clients who take informed decisions. Such is our call and what we love doing.

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