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Are your days always too short for what you love?

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Alfio Bardolla Tranining Group is the European market leader
in financial education.

The life you’ve always dreamt of is closer than you think: it is your responsibility to stand up for it, achieve and live it. Nobody can do it for you.

In order to do so, you need that one tool essential for freeing your time and devote yourself to what really matters to you. Such a tool is your financial education.

Think about it: what are you giving up to afford your current living standard?

Everybody does something for money, even when he thinks he doesn’t: some take on jobs they despise to pay the bills, some accept unbearable shifts and forego their family time, others are ready to spend their days with colleagues whom they won’t go for a coffee with.  

All of this happens because we are used to think that money is more important than freedom.

And yet money is not the goal: it is just the instrument, the necessary energy to fulfill your dreams.

Therefore it is important to understand how to produce, manage and protect money, regardless of what your profession is.

This is the only way to earn your desired standard of living and have more time for what you love.

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Understanding how money works is civil right. Living the life you deserve is your responsibility.



Money Makes You Happy

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We do not advocate programs to become rich quickly. We believe only in commitment, value creation and in the importance of helping others. Therefore we do not guarantee wealth to anybody (we cannot and we do not want to): what we can do instead is helping you to create the conditions for the improvement of your life and your dears’. If we will succeed, wealth will be but one of fruitful outcomes. None of the content published by us is guarantee of positive investment results or future earnings and we do not offer legal, fiscal or investment advice. You can find more information about it in our legal notices.

This is why we do not promise you any result, we promise instead our full commitment towards that result. This is the why we’ve picked our brand distinctive orange: it is the colour of ethical finance, optimism and trust, the values which thousands of our clients have chosen, and keep choosing every day in us. This is also why we’ll always offer you a money back guarantee on our trainings: because we want satisfied clients who take informed decisions. Such is our call and what we love doing.

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